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Heathfield Surgery, Heathfield High Street, Heathfield, TN21 8JD

The Firs Surgery, Little London Road, Cross in Hand, TN21 0LT

Tel: 01435 864 999

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Our Doctors can offer the following clinics:

Antenatal Clinic

If you think you are pregnant, contact the community midwices via


Asthma and Respiratory Disease

Our doctors or nurses would like to see all patients with Asthma and other respiratory diseases annually for a review in order for them to do a necessary check up as well as give possible advice.


Post natal and Baby Clinic

Doctors and health visitors run these clinics to ensure your baby’s growth and well-being and to check your post natal health.

The first visit is usually 6-8 weeks after the birth for mother and baby.  Please get your new baby registered with us as soon as possible and you can book this appointment in advance


Diabetes Clinic

We invite our patients in on a 6 month review basis for a diabetic check with the Healthcare Assistants.  A further appointment will be made with a nurse or GP depending on the results of your initial review


Family Planning & Contraception

All our doctors can advise you on family planning issues, pre-conception care and contraception. Contraception can be discussed, finding the solution most fitted to your situation. Coils can be fitted by arrangement.

The emergency contraception pill (morning after pill) can be prescribed by all doctors. It is vital though, that you come into the surgery within 72 hours.


Heart Disease Clinic

This clinic is meant for people aged 35 to 75 who have had or are at high risk of vascular diseases, for example angina, heart attack, stroke, blockage of leg arteries and related illnesses.

Patients are invited to come in annually for a review, including a basic examination, some tests and possible advice.


Rheumatology Clinic

For patients suffering with joint problems, some of our doctors can, on indication, inject the large joints. Patients should attend normal surgery for a doctor to assess the suitability for this procedure. The doctor will then arrange for an appointment if the patient consents.

Please ask reception for the names of the doctors performing this procedure.


Warfarin Clinic

Warfarin Monitoring aims to stabilise the INR (International Normalised Ratio) within set limits to help prevent serious side-effects while maximising effective treatment. The doctor will do this by doing regular blood tests to monitor Warfarin control.